Submission of manuscripts for PEUCE S.N. History and Archaeological Studies and Research Journal

It is preferable that papers are written in Romanian or in a foreign language of international circulation (English, French, Spanish, Italian or German) and are in Word file. The manuscript sent to the editorial office must contain a disk or a CD with text and illustration, the printed copy and, if possible, the original illustration.

Thematically, Peuce journal publishes articles from the following fields: ancient history, archaeology, art, historiography, architecture, epigraphy, numismatics, anthropology, archeozoology, palynology, geology, metallography, etc.; chronologically, the article must be dedicated to a period starting from the Paleolithic until the end of the Middle Ages, in a geographic area dedicated especially to the Lower Danube area.

The text: use Word for Windows, 1.0-line spaced throughout, Times New Roman font (with diacritical marks if the article is written in Romanian) of the following sizes:

  • title, author, text – 10;
  • footnotes – 9;
  • abstract – 10.

The illustrations:

  • if linear, in 2 shades (black and white), minimum resolution 300 dpi;
  • if photographic (black and white or color) scanned in *.jpg or *.tiff format, minimum resolution 300 dpi.

Consecutively numbered footnotes will follow the British footnotes referencing system: author, year of publication, page, and figure/table, if applicable (e.g.: Pippidi 1967, 84, fig. 3/4). An annex will be added at the end with the list of publications in alphabetic order according to the name of the author, and chronologically in case of several publications of one author.

Cited works will be listed as follows:

  • for books: name of author, year of publication, title, volume (number and title), edition, series (collection), number in the series or collection, city of publication.


  • Hendy, M.F. 1969, Coinage and Money in Byzantine Empire 1081-1261, Dumbarton Oaks Center of Byzantine Studies, 12, Washington
  • Grierson, Ph. 1973, Catalogue of the byzantine coins in the Dumbarton Oaks Collection and in the Whittemore Collection, III, 2. Basil I to Nicephorus III (867 – 1081), Washington.
  • Zugravu, N. 1997, Geneza crestinismului popular al romanilor, Bibliotheca Thracologica 18, Bucharest.

for articles: name of author, year of publication, title of article, name of the publication or collective volume, tome, city of publication and editor – in case of collective volumes, and cited pages.


  • Biro, M. 1974, Roman Villas in Pannonia, ActaArchHung 26, 1 – 57.
  • Chapman, R., Randsborg, K. 1981, Approaches to the archaeology of death, în (in) Chapman, R., Kinnes, I., Randsborg, K. (eds.), The Archaeology of Death, Cambridge, 1-38.
  • Morrisson, C. 1994, Monnaie et finances dans l’Empire byzantin Xe – XIVe siècles, în Monnaie et finances à Byzance: analyses, techniques, série Variorum Reprints, IV, Aldershot, 291-315.
  • Bonifay, M., Villedieu, F. 1987 (1989), Importations d’amphores orientales en Gaule (Ve – VIIe siècles), în Recherches sur la céramique byzantine. Actes du colloque organisé par l’École Française d’Athènes et l’Université Strasbourg, II, Athènes, BCH, Suppl. 17, 21-36.
  • Cambi, N. 1986 (1989), Amfore romane in Dalmazia, în Amphores romaines et histoire économique: Dix ans de recherche. Actes du colloque de Sienne (22 – 24 mai 1986) organisé par l’Università degli Studi di Siena, l’Università degli Studi di Roma – La Sapienza, le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (RCP 403) et l’École Française de Rome, Collection de l’École Française de Rome 114, Rome, 311-337.

Titles of periodicals, volumes, catalogs, corpora, and encyclopedias shall be abbreviated according to the Manuscript writing standards, Annexes 2 and 3 of SCIVA 46, 1995, 3-4, p. 356-370. Any other abbreviations aside from the foregoing paper will be presented explicitly, at the end of the cited works page.

The abstract, written both in Romanian and English will be added at the beginning of the article. The manuscript must also be accompanied by key words and the explanation of the figures in Romanian and English, and in the foreign language the article was written in (other than English).

The maximum size of illustrations – drawings – must correspond to the mirror of Peuce journal page (19.5 x 13.5 cm), except for maps, plans, profiles or tables that are made in sizes or formats that don’t fit the page in order to be comprehensible to the reader. In case the figures don’t cover an entire page their sixe exceeds the page mirror, then the author shall specify, using a pencil on the margin of the drawings the desired downscaling ratio. For a figure made of drawings at different scales, the author shall specify the scale used for each drawing.

The original illustration will be returned to the author after drafting up.

Contributions sent for publication to Peuce journal shall be accompanied by data regarding each author’s institutional affiliation and contact information.

In order to facilitate the publication of the journal’s issue on time, please observe the manuscript submission deadline – March 31st of each year.

Only scientifically substantiated documented materials consisting of studies, articles, notes, and reviews shall be accepted. Contributions received for publication shall be subject to peer review assessment system.

The editorial office